Pictory: Better Text Animations & Color Overlays(Prepare to be Amazed!)

This month’s product updates at a glance:

  • Better Text Animations: Grab and hold your audience’s attention with our improved text animations. Explore 7 new effects, including ‘Blur’ and ‘Drift,’ favored by professionals for their impact and elegance..
  • Color Overlays: Impress your viewers by extending your brand colors across all of your visuals. Apply any hue of your choice to improve text readability, highlight visuals, and strengthen your brand. Prepare to be amazed by the results..

As always, we’ve enhanced performance and squashed a bunch of bugs to bring you the best Pictory experience yet.

Log Into Your Pictory Account Now and Experience the Difference.

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Picture of Constantinos Albanidis

Constantinos Albanidis

As a digital nomad of 10 years now, I'm an expert full-stack marketer who loves helping businesses expand their online presence. With my background in web design, I craft clean, convertible websites that help clients attract and engage customers. Outside of client work, I enjoy researching and testing the latest AI tools. As an early adopter of conversational technologies, I love sharing how bots can enhance marketing efforts. I also publish a popular blog discussing ethical use cases for AI in business. When not coding or collaborating with AI, I pursue my passion for using strategic content and social media to grow brands. With a specialty in automated traffic generation, I help companies drive qualified leads through organic sharing. I strive to stay on top of evolving digital trends so I can advise clients on the most effective tactics. Community is also core to my values, so you'll often find me volunteering my skills for nonprofit causes. Reach out to discuss your goals - I'm always eager to help others succeed online.

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